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About Us

About Us

Shirts Kingdom Store was created in the frustration over the standardized offerings from the multiple retail stores and the abundance of soulless fashion brands. Our ambition is to offer an amazing variety of designs with excellent quality. The printed t shirt is a fantastic medium for people to express what they like, who they are and what they identify with. No other garment can be changed and manipulated so easily. At Tshirt Store, we believe that the t shirt is the perfect garment. It’s comfy, versatile and a strong expression of the individual’s taste – that’s why we love Shirts Kingdom!

We work with numerous new and established graphical designers to produce a truly unique product.Our range of designs is constantly evolving, and we want to have something for everyone.The garments and accessories we produce are interpretations of pop cultural influences. In addition to our own work we benefit from our creative community – a growing network of designers from all around the world.

The search for the perfect Shirts :

Sometimes the most simple thing is very hard to find. Perfection lies in the eye of the beholder, yada yada, but believe us when we say that we’ve done our research by now. After nine years, we think that we are at least very close to have found The Perfect T-shirt. A T-shirt for both guys and girls (and even kids) that can be worn and washed endlessly. Sustainable, comfortable and creative. Just like they should be. So what makes, in our opinion, the best Shirts Kingdom?

At Custom Ink, we’re about more than shirts. We’re about you and everything you love. The passion you share with your group, club, or team; the excitement you have for your event or cause; and the drive that makes your business stand out from the rest. We believe that custom Shirts Kingdom do more than just make you look good - they help you feel good and inspire you to do good as well. We’re passionate about custom gear, but what we love even more is helping you bring what you love to life. So let’s create something together.

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Our satisfied customer says

I'm a minimalist kind of person: only one pair of boots, one pair of pants, and if I could, only one shirt.

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